Monday, December 19, 2011

Leroy Justice from NYC

When listening to Leroy Justice, it's not difficult imagining oneself on a porch with sounds of a harmonica drifting through the air. The band’s mixed sounds of funk, Americana and rock n’ roll will take you straight to the south. That’s just what the band’s name relates to as well. Jason Gallagher, lead singer of the band, explains that the band was named after a friend’s father, who was your typical southern man – a role model for the band with a great name – and one who helps to convey the all-American vibes given off by the band’s tunes.

Justice, a poker-playing guitarist, has a lot in common with the five band members -Gallagher, Sloan Marshall, Bradley Wegner, Josh Karis and Justin Mazer. They all seem to have the same hobbies, which allowed them to find one another to form the band. Having met at a poker game in New York City, the once-acquaintance band members clicked and decided to give the band a try.

Since then, shows have mostly been held in venues in hometown New York City, though the band has had the opportunity to play everywhere east from Maine to Alabama. Gallagher jokes, “It's tough having a hometown like NYC. We play a lot there but prefer anywhere with easier parking.”

While currently not on tour, the band hopes to play shows in Colorado in early 2012 and plans to release its third album shortly after. With pressure to create something as substantial as the last album, which received ample recognition, the band plans to change up its sounds and surprise fans in the third album. Soulful song “People’s Revolution” from the band’s second album was voted by Earvolution as being one of 2008’s most memorable. Elmore magazine, Jambase and Hidden Track also recognized the second album as being a “a contender for best this year” in 2009.

Fans can expect leaks of the third album in the next couple months. Be sure to check them out when posted on or to check out if the band is playing at a venue near you.