Monday, September 30, 2013

Alternative medicine for those suffering with digestive issues, such as bloating, abdominal pain

After extensive research and interviews with pharmacists, there are many ways to treat digestive issues, such as symptoms common with IBS, such as bloating, gas or abdominal pain.

The informative and scientific book, It Starts With Food, shares that fish oil (1000 mg preferred) can help decrease gut inflammation after a period of time. Dr. Mark Hyman attests to the same as well as other digestive enzymes to regulate healthy gut bacteria, such as a daily regimen of probiotics.

These probiotics should be taken for a few months so that healthy bacteria can replenish and bad stomach bacteria can diminish. Dr. Hyman suggests a specific probiotic strain, S. Boulardii. An effective and reasonably priced brand is Lane Labs Flora 3. ( This contains a prebiotic, probiotic, is lactose and gluten-free and should be refrigerated. If not kept cold within four weeks, the perishable item will go bad just like yogurt.

While probiotics are a great first step, drinking distilled water in combination will also help normalize stomach bacteria. Chlorine found in most city water will destroy the good bacteria, according to Dr. Ohhira, who has a Ph.D in microbiology and who has formulated his own probiotic line.

Probiotics take some time before one can see the positive effects though for some, positive results can be seen a few weeks later if compliant with daily doses.

For temporary relief for problems with digesting, digestive enzymes supplementing meals may help break down foods. A suggested brand is Enzymedica's Digest Gold. ( This capsule should be taken once or twice with any meal and contains high doses of amylase (carbohydrates), protease (proteins), maltase (starch), lipase (fats), cellulase (plants) and much more.

It is also wise to cut down on gluten or lactose-containing food items as there has been an increasing number of lactose and wheat-related digestive issues in the United States. To read more about the prevalence of food intolerances, check out this article from Truth Stream Media:

Nontraditional medicine may not always be the answer. Keep a food diary to figure out what is making you feel ill. Then eliminate foods that contribute to adverse symptoms. Once this happens, taking probiotics and other useful vitamins can get your digestive system back on track and you can start from square one by replenishing your body with natural and healthier foods that make your stomach happy.


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